Welcome, I’m Jaymin Gansell,

I teach Hatha Yoga  & Nrtta Sadhana classes & workshops in Whangarei.
The yoga lessons I offer are grounded in the Shadow Yoga school of Hatha Yoga.
The Shadow Yoga classes provide the yoga “aspirant” with the necessary guidance & tools
required to cultivate a personal home yoga practice…..












Jaymin Gansell teaches Hatha/Shadow Yoga in Whangarei. The system of Shadow Yoga re-introduces the age-old concept of preparing the physical (gross) body, and cultivating the energetic system (subtle body) and correct breathing before the introduction of working the traditional asanas (seats). Here’s more about Shadow Yoga. Classes are taught in a 7 metre yurt studio with a wooden floor at 182 Whau Valley Rd, Whangarei, 10 minutes from Whangarei central/CBD. Peek at the current class schedule here. Shadow Yoga workshops, designed to deepen your yoga experience, are held in Whangarei, the Far North, and in Auckland. Here’s a list of upcoming workshops.


Yoga is a spiritual system that deals with the process of enlightenment.
The final goal is to differentiate the soul from everything that is not the soul.

– Shandor Remete

The nature or essence of a person